Being Drunk and All

In Kuwait Alcohol is highly prohibited which means when i was working there my life is all about work. Many times that i missed drinking Alcohol, I missed hanging out with my friends going to a karaoke bar, get drunk, and have a hangover after, I missed the feeling that you feel alive because you vomit and it gives you the feeling of dying because you want to throw up everything inside your stomach.

One week after i came back in the Philippines i visit my friends in Cagayan de Oro, I travel 12hrs by bus because i missed them and excited to see them. We had plans already that the first thing we will do is to bring back our bonding moment. Our bonding moments back in college is to drink until we drop, But life change and so are we, our alcohol tolerant is not the same as before, I think we only consume 2 bottles each of RED HORSE the small one and we prefer to sing and talk. Before even if it 3am we are still in the streets but now, 12am we want to go home and take a rest.

We laugh at each other because we feel old already, one of my friend complains and tell me that she want to spend her money in food rather than getting drunk. We enjoyed the bonding, we laugh, we dance, sing together and talk about our past.