A visit to my high school reunion

I only visit the Philippine once or twice every two years but that doesn’t means that I can always had the time to visit my old friends in high school or attend a reunion during those visits. But this time, I got the chance to meet with my old buddies in high school because it so happen that they organize our high batch reunion the same day I plan to visit Philippines. It’s a wonderful feeling to see your old close friends, old crushes, boyfriends and enemy(hehehe)in one gathering. We really had a great time remembering the past and chatting about our life after high school. We din’t have much time though to bond because I still have to go to Cebu to visit some old friends too, but we exchange email’s and we can still communicate in FB. Good thing I bring my camera with my and took a photos of us.

High school reunion photos….
Picture, picture before we eat the lechon… hehehe

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