A Glimpse of my swimwear

Why do I like shopping so much? Aside from having a good time bonding with friends that also love to shop is the fact that I got to buy the cute and sexy swimwear on display. Shoes, sandal and the latest fashion clothes are the top of my list when shopping is involve but when I saw a sexy and cute bikini or swimsuit hanging in display, I easily go gaga (laughs). Fortunately, I got to travel a lot, sometimes in the Philippines and to other country and I always went to the nearest shop to look for cool and nice sandal, shoes, and more. And most of all swimsuit to wear in the beach and pool party at home. Here are some of my collection of sexy swimwear I keep and it is very useful during vacation in a beach and bonding with friends who has Jacuzzi and swimming pools.

Very sexy and cool color for summer vacation… This photo was during our short vacation @ Mayan Palace Puerto Penasco.  
Sexy and it’s perfect for me. wink!

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