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What is a real friend?

According to what i read when i search it in google, real friend is someone you can count on in times of trouble, someone you can tell your secrets, can comfort and give advice, and tells you the truth. I accept everything that i read, but base on my experience about real friend. There is […]

Being alone

Today is my off and i’m going to kuwait city church, as I ride the public bus here in kuwait I come to think all the things that happens to me. The bad and good, sometimes I feel so empty and that I look for something that I don’t even know, I feel sad to […]

When winter comes

I feel excited everytime winter comes here in kuwait because I love the cool breeze and wearing think jackets, the feeling that im really living in a foreign country, but it saddens me that im far from my family and I am alone in this place. But, This is the choice that I make so […]