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Me @ 30…

I’m starting to worry about being single at my age right now, all of my friends are married and have kids. and its a bit frustrating that i’m single, i don’t have any suitors, admirers or even a friend who is single to join me in this singleness situation. I start to wonder! does God […]

Over Thinking

When i ask my sister to have this blog, i have so much in mind of what to write. Ideas are pouring in that it makes me so excited to hold my cellphone and let out everything, but when i have the time and my cellphone is in my hand my brain suddenly got confuse, […]

My sissy want to blog.

My little sister who works in Kuwait ask a favor that she want to have this blog to be hers to write because she has extra time and she want those time to be useful, so i handed it to her for a purpose for her to know how to write and express herself through […]