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Interesting start for business

Some of us don’t like to have a boss because of the fact that we don’t like lectures and command especially if we know that we are right. That is why some people find a way to build their own business. But I think a greeting card printing business is wonderful. We can start this […]

Birthday party by the Pool

This a one of those perfect time to wear our gorgeous shades and sexy swimwear. But maybe not! Some of us just want to party minus the swimming and being wet part LOL. The pic above is few of my friends who live happy here in Las Vegas with their American husband (that includes me). […]

Music related brand

I am eager to try playing musical instruments especially piano. After tying to accomplish learning the guitar and still tying. I am planning to try piano this time since we also have a piano. The husband usually the one using the piano. He is also teaching dallas playing the piano. However, I think the little […]