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Familiarize what’s inside your shopping cart

The fun about shopping is the choosing and shopping itself. You have to buy the best latest fashion dress and other fashion clothes online. You don’t need to drive around to find the latest fashion, accessories but musical instruments you’re searching for. Just a click away and boom, all the best deals are in front […]

We Scarf: Thanksgiving Garb

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Off to a friends house to celebrate thanksgiving with them.   A scarfy thanksgiving  to us all.  Bring some present to were we are going. My passenger sleep on me.  It is a long drive to were we are going.  he needs his beauty sleep.   The best table in the […]

Healthier Life

If I have time and extra money, I would always send stuff to my parents in the Philippines. Some of those stuffs are some our old clothes and still usable home stuff like bedding’s and dallas toys for my nephew, but most of those stuff are still new. I love shopping that sometime I shop […]