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Accident on the road

I seldom witness an accident happen while I am driving and this is one of those seldom times. I was going somewhere and an accident happen few kilometers near our place. Two big trucks collided, thank God nobody’s hurt. It is very important to be double careful when driving in highways because accident always happen. […]

For your screwing needs

I always have a problem when fixing stuff that needs screwing. It always got lose without you knowing it. No matter how tight I make it, it always got lose when I use it often. How can I use that stuff if it always broke when I need it. Then my husband told me to […]

WP updated

Finally, I already updated this blog on WP. I always lazy updating it because I have to save the whole blog content in-case problem occur when you update to the new WP. Happy that finally it is done, now update now pop-up wont show anymore…