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My Halloween Costume cowgirl, beside is one of my friend with her cute and interesting costume. Dallas having fun dancing with the girl Frankenstein?? hhehe confuse but it’s a nice costume though.

Interested in Galapagos Islands

I’ve visited many country since i married my husband many years ago, but before that, i already been to Palawan and some beautiful place in Cebu and other parts of the Philippines. And I was surfing the net and reading some of the travel book I collected, I got interested in Galapagos Island. These volcanic […]

Best Site for Silver Gifts for the Family

Silver accessories are quite unique and interesting, that is why I love buying silver for myself. And since Christmas is very near, I am a bit busy searching for stores and online site to buy gifts for my family. I am busy visiting malls, stores and well-know online site to shop for possible cute and […]