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Old Photo: High School Days….

1st year High School! Section: Emerald School Year: 1992/1993 Advisor: Miss Yolanda Ladica Will be visiting this place next year and hopefully we could meet again and reminisce the old days. Its been ages and some of my old buddies in high school still look the same and some of them I meet two years […]

The perfect heels for a gorgeous feet

Women in general loves to wear the right footwear to make them gorgeous and stylish but most especially make the feet comfortable in every occasions. A cute slippers, running shoes, sandals and high heeled shoes are mostly one of the most loves and adore by women and that includes me. And one of my weakness […]

Safety First When Traveling with the Kids

Dr. Andrew Wilson., Author of the book Guide to Using Seat Belts and Child Restraint, lists some important points that need to be remembered during travelling with the kids. Children should be seated in the backseat. It is the safest place for children during travel. Do not put a child in restraint in the front with […]