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Moments Like This

This little kid and I always bond every time. We go shopping, pick some fruits, go pool hopping hehehe, and travel with pop (the husband). He is not my kid but my husband’s grandchild and we love him dearly. He can be cute, funny, and sweet. Photos of us together doing kids stuff. Being with […]

Sis Wish

As we we’re exchanging mails through facebook. I told my sister from the Philippines that I pack some of my not use clothes and put it in a balikbayan box to send it to them in the Philippines. It is always a convenient thing to do instead of just let it stay in our closet. […]

The big sister and her family in a camping trip

Sister shei (the mother, the one eating chips), husband joe (standing), niece justine (the girl) and nephew jake (the bald little man). What a happy family.  These are my older sister’s family having a good and quality time in their camping trip somewhere in Pittsburgh.   Sometime I got to visit them and we spend time (the kids […]