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25th Birthday Celebration of a Friend

The one in the Center is the birthday celebrant and the rest are the person who first to arrive and begin the party while waiting for the others… weeeee The whole gang and the birthday celebrant standing at the front with the cute yellow dress and a tiara. Happy birthday dear…

Enjoying the Day with Some Friends– at Presidio

Presidio Restaurant/Café · Henderson, Nevada was one beautiful place most especially if your with some friends who also enjoy exploring. if your planning to change address you can always look for apartments in Presidio or you can enjoy the Presidio – local business like the cafe and restaurant. And enjoy the luxury and the beautiful […]

Sis Planning for a Business

I once an HRM (Hotel Restaurant Management) student before, but decided to stop in my second year because I wanted to travel to palawan to try my luck in that place. I did get a job there as a hotel attendant which, is also related to my course and learn a few tricks in public […]