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Personal Collection

Every person has their own hobby, some of them likes to collect different things and keep it somewhere safe or display it so everybody can appreciate it. I meet my sister’s boyfriend when I went visit them two years ago. I force my sister to bring her boyfriend so I can meet him personally because […]

Cool: Me and Dallas

Check out our cool shades, I bought exactly this shade just for me and dallas.  We spend our time together almost everyday and I love having this cute kid hanging around in pops(hubby house. We look cool together, what do you think? It is really wonderful if you know where to buy affordable and cool […]

Strike a Pose! at Litchfield Park

Dallas having fun at Litchfield Park, Arizona. The park was full of children playing in the cold water and dallas made some new friends. He cold but still enjoy running and playing with water with he other kids. Litchfield Park is a city in Maricopa County, Arizona, United States. It is named for its founder, […]