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Giving our dining room more of a formal look

Guest post written by Wendy Hilton For years our dining room has been kind of a place for all of our extra stuff. We have a kitchen table that we always eat at for dinner and we never really eat in our dining room. But, I really wanted to start using our dining room because […]

Canceled House Plan

I was non-stop talking about the house that my husband and I have planned to buy. Everything looked smooth so i thought we will be moving soon. We even had all the papers for housing loan ready including the plan of getting cash loans online as it known to be quicker and easy. There is […]

Flying to Burbank with Southwest Airlines

I was at Burbank last week to meet up with my husband. It was a short trip to Burbank and Sacramento CA. His flight was in Sacramento so I flew from Arizona to Burbank and from there, we flew together to Las Vegas. I am lucky indeed for having a pilot husband because not only […]