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Evan and the Chipmunks

We watched the latest series of the chimpmunks in 3D today. Evan had great time inside the theate. It was pretty good movie though. Well, I like the 3D experience. The original is funnier than this one but as I’ve said still alright you know.

Clothing Essentials

Do you know that my husband is sometimes who buy my clothing and lingerie? Yes, that is true. When he goes on a trip he always have dress, jacket, or even underwear for me. It’s expected that I get adult lingerie costumes once in a while when he is in the silly mode. Right now […]

Rich in Fiber

It was taught in school and even by our parents why vegetables are essential to our body. Yet. we still so picky when it comes to vegetables. I like fruits and selective vegetables. In fact I learned to love salad when I married my husband. He is such a big influence to me when it […]