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Helping my roommate pick out a new fall purse

Guest post written by Michelle Mayer One of the things that my roommate and I are different about is how much we care about fashion. I’m always finding different outfits to wear and just really love the process of shopping and finding new trends to try out myself. But my roommate could care less about […]

Stress free exercise

Christmas has come and gone. I hope the spirit of giving and generosity will stay in our heart. I’m pretty sure some of you have prepared delicious foods. This holiday, you probably forget your diet and missed a day or two with your regular exercise. However, there is an exercise that you could do while […]

Shopping at the Base

I got bored here in Arizona. I can’t wait to go back to Las Vegas next week. I’ve been here since last week. Dallas and I went to the base to do some shopping. He got bored so he took my phone and start taking pictures. I really love this bag but it’s too expensive. […]