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Pumpkin Patch and Happy Halloween

In connection to my previous post, here is the gentleman i was with at the pumpkin patch. He was back to Arizona already and dropped him off to the airport yesterday. his little man is a jet sitter and can travel by himself Arizona to Las Vegas vice versa. Sometimes he flew with me or […]

Pumpkin Patch, Las Vegas

I too the little guy to a pumpkin patch couple of days ago. This was actually our first pumpkin patch and I wanted to experience and see what is so exciting with it. Well, it was alright but the entrance fee of $20 was kind of expensive to me. Dallas and I were here taking […]

Black Friday is Coming

Halloween is here finally then after that is going to be Thanksgiving. Do you know what’s after Thanksgiving? Oh yeah, Black Friday meaning shopping galore for lesser prices on things like shoes. Well, speaking of black Friday, I would suggest that those stores should upgrade their barcode scanner to more advance and up to date […]