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Hello Mexico!!

This photo was taken last week in Mexico. It was one of those candid shot that I really love to share. My friends and I had wonderful time spending a week vacation in Mexico. We spent most of our time in the beach. I sure would love to go back to that place again someday.

Keep Off

I always get that warning from K. Keeping my hands off of his stuff. He doesn’t want me in his office because I like using his stuffs in there such as laptop, printer, and everything. Sometimes, I like to borrow his wireless mouse, but he won’t let me because he is using it, and he […]

Strong as Steel

I am not talking about superman, I am talking about steel buildings in canada that you might find interested of checking out. If you are building a workshop or storage room in your backyard then consider buying a steel building for convenience and easy to assemble. Steel survive in windy and stormy weather. Some people […]