Have Shoes – Will Travel: Tips for Extended Travel Packing

Would you like to escape the ordinary and take off for an international trip for a week, a month or a year? One of the challenges of extended travel is bringing enough clothing and personal items to feel comfortable and happy, without being overloaded with too much luggage, that can limit your travel choices. Traveling with a single backpack has many advantages. If you love shoes, you know you should match your shoes to your personal style as well as your activities. You probably also believe that you can never have enough shoes. However, those ideas can make packing for an extended trip difficult. Shoes often are bulky and can quickly dominate your luggage. Here are a few tips to help you pack light.

● Color Coordinate

Pack clothing that is easily mixed and matched by color. You can pack less pairs of shoes if they match multiple outfits. Bring casual “staple” clothing like blue or black jeans, khaki pants or shorts, solid color shirts, etc. Evaluate each item you pack to be sure that it looks good with multiple other items you are packing. Group items by color group, such as earthtones or cool colors. This will make choosing shoes that go with outfits easier.

● Strap heavy shoes or boots to the outside of your bag

If you are visiting a cold climate or are going to be doings some serious hiking, you will need boots. However, if you are traveling with just a backpack, these can take up a lot of room. Strap them to the outside of the bag to save space. You will be able to fit much more into your bag.

● Bring sandals

No matter what climate you are visiting, bring some stylish sandals. They are great for wearing for going out and playing tourist, for wearing on planes, trains or automobiles and even for going out to a nice dinner. They will look good with everything from shorts, to jeans to a little black dress. They also take up very little space in your luggage, so you can bring multiple pairs. A great place to buy sandals is Rue 21. They have great sales and selection.

● Bring shoes that you could live in

No matter what shoes you bring, make them comfortable enough to walk for miles. If you are traveling, chances are that you will be doing a lot of walking. Leave the fancy pumps at home and instead choose something like an athletic shoe that supports your feet and back and you could wear to have an adventure.

If you take your time to carefully plan out your clothing and shoe choices, you will save time, money and much effort on your trip. You will feel comfortable and ready for your next grand adventure.


Destination : Around the USA

With my travel companions, my friends and Dallas.
Since driving to Grand Canyon in a few hours away. We decided to visit again the place.

summer is here, so a place near with water would be delightful, don’t you think?

Enjoying beautiful views of nature.

Loved travelling with a comfy outfil and a wonderful happy companion.



Getting Ready for the Trip of a Lifetime

So, have you just booked round the world tickets and are getting ready to plan the trip of a lifetime? There is so much to do, so make sure you have all the bases covered.

Some of the basic stuff to arrange includes: air travel (destinations and flight times), hotel reservations, as well as itinerary and sight-seeing research. With a round the world ticket, your basic air travel details are already handled, so no need to fret about that right now. More importantly, you need to make sure that you have hotels reserved at your major destinations, especially if you are traveling during peak tourist seasons. To help you make your hotel reservations and itinerary in general, do a little sight-seeing research and identify where your major interests lie. You need to figure out if the focus of your trip is cultural, geographical, or social. In other words, do you want to learn more about a culture, appreciate natural beauty, or appreciate the beauty of a man. Again, this is the basic needs handled.

Next up on your list of tasks to do before you set out on your dream is acquiring the proper gear and learning the basics of the language(s) spoken in the country(ies) you will be traveling through. When acquiring your outfits, be sure to consider the seasons that you’ll be experiencing where you are traveling. Warning! If you are crossing the equator, you will be experience the opposite season as you are experiencing now-if it’s summer where you are, pack for winter! Studying a language can be tough, but definitely achievable with the help of a tutor. You can even find a language exchange partner at your destination. People love practicing their English. Connecting with a local is a great way to practice your new language and also learn more about where you are traveling.

Lastly, it’s all in the details. Just before you depart, head to a Salon in San Diego to ensure that you have the perfect look. A visit to a salon should set you up with a fantastic look for at least a month, depending on the cut you get. Make sure to tell the beautician your travel plans and hopefully they will be able to take care of you so that your look stays hot for even longer.